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Guest lecture on Financial Services and Opportunities.

Peeyush Chitlangia from Finsiksha was at ISME Bangalore on 17th April. Peeyush shared his 8 years of experience in financial services industry. He holds a management diploma from IIM Calcutta and currently leads Finshiksha.

The lecture started with some random questions about the current industry and he then related it to Financial Services as key data points. Broadly he covered some of the most important and essential part of Financial Services like :
Wealth Management
Equity Research
Investment banking
Financial analysis

Peeyush talked about the growth trends when it came to Mergers and Acquisitions in India. He also discussed how web analytics helped companies like Flipkart. One of the most interesting topics that pulled the attention of many students was Analytics and Investment Banking he briefly discussed it with sync to the global financial services, and what opportunities we as individuals could explore.
Towards the end he covered the skills needed to get into these domains of Financial Services. Skills included relationship management, financial modeling, strong communication skills, sound knowledge of excel, statistics and overall business understanding. After the lecture many finance students were clear with their perception about the financial services industry.

Over all the lecture was very informative and it helped many non- financial students as well to get a glimpse of the industry.

Ajay Tiwari
Souvagya Ranjan