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Graffiti Competition

On 18th October, 2012, the academic club organized the graffiti competition. The theme of the competition was ‘The leader in you’ and the focus was on the characteristics, vision of the leader and the challenges faced by a leader.

A lot of teams participated in the competition to bring out their creativity. A team consisted of two participants. The teams were provided with the chart paper for the art work and a sheet for writing the interpretation of their thoughts. The time given was one hour and each team had to complete within the stipulated time.

 All the teams came up with innovative ideas and concept. It was a very good opportunity for the students to express their thoughts through the use of vibrant colors.

 It was very difficult for the judging panel to decide the winning team of the competition but after deeply analyzing every art work, the team of Seepica Singh and Mansi Parikh was adjudged as the winner of the graffiti contest and the team of Kiran Singh and Naincy Pandey was declared the runner-up of the competition. 

By : Mansi Parikh