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Why is CPA is gaining popularity among Indian Accounting Professionals?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the highest qualified designation for accounting, auditing, finance and tax career aspirants. The aspirants need to pass the four-exams the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) conducts.

This credential is given to individuals who clear the Uniform CPA examination and also meet the required education and experience particulars. It is a highly prestigious qualification and is something that anyone can have once decided.

CPAs are accountants who are extremely trusted financial advisors for individuals and businesses since they are the ones who help them plan and achieve their respective goals. CPA is a profession which is recognized on an international level. CPAs not only have the knowledge of US GAAP but they could also lend credibility to financial statements which CAs cannot.  CAs are Chartered Accountants and initially in India all the new global companies used to hire CAs but since it became challenging for them to keep up with changing requirements, they started training CAs to be CPAs. So, basically even after 4 years of study (which is the amount of time it takes to become a CA) CAs were doing the same job as CPAs.

CPAs are now highly required in many of the US companies since there has been an increase in F&A or Finance and Accounting outsourcing in India. US Companies like the Big 4: (Deloitte, WC, EY & KPMG), Ernst & Young etc. and even multinationals like Amazon need CPAs all the time. 

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