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Tips to crack the interview

On 28th February, 2013 there was guest lecture by Mr. Bibin Kurian, Managing Director, Nulogikx Information Services on opportunities available to MBA students- current trend and tips to crack interview.

Mr. Kurian kick started the session with an overview of the job situation prevalent in the country. He told that a person who knows how to get a job is the one who gets a job. He said that we should identify what we are good at and ask ourselves what we want to do and should go for that. He suggested that we should take examples for our real life for answering the questions in the interview. He also emphasized that we should try to think differently and do things differently rather than doing different things.

 According to him, a few questions for which the candidates must have a clear answer are as follows-
Why should the company hire you?
Why do you want to join the company?
Where do you want to be after 5 years?

Mr. Kurian told that the candidates should give answers with their natural instincts and should focus on how to behave in the group discussion or an interview.

The take away points given by Mr. Kurian were:
Do not define a job with designation. Throw away the designation while considering taking up the job.
It was really a wonderful and an informative session.

By: Mansi Parikh

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