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A Survey of Innovation Practices among SMEs in Bengaluru Neighbourhood

A Survey of Innovation Practices among SMEs in Bengaluru Neighbourhood S. Shyam Prasad Sudindra VR Business has two – and only two – functions: marketing and innovation (Drucker). To this day, these two functions not only hold sway over the business but their importance continues to grow. It is more so in view of globalization which […]

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Investor Psychology & Market Rationality Argument

Investor Psychology & Market Rationality Argument KIRAN KUMAR K V Market Rationality Argument There are certain suppositions upon which markets work. It assumes that human beings are rational, in fact, always rational. Their sole objective is to maximize the return for a given level of risk that they are taking. The concept of risk-adjusted return, […]

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17 HIGH BETA INDIAN STOCKS 1.      INTRODUCTION: Systematic risk or market risk uncertainty inherent to the entire market which consists of day to day volatility fluctuation in stock price. Unsystematic risk or specific risk that comes from industry or company which investor invest in. Unsystematic risk can be reduced through diversification. Beta is measure of […]

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DiSHA – A CSR Initiative of ISME

DiSHA, the most awaited community service initiative of ISME was commenced with the first activity held at the Dharmasagara Education Institution, a private donor-funded Pre-University College in the area of Dommasandra, Bengaluru (around half a mile from ISME Campus) catering primarily to the rural & suburban students. The program was held on the 18th June […]

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Data Scientist: Making Sense Out of Data

Data Scientist: Making Sense Out of Data Dr. S. Shyam Prasad About data scientists The growth of Information Technology has spawned many new professions; the evolution of big data has ushered in a new career line of data scientist. This article attempts to answer a) what is data science b) Who is a data scientist? […]

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Social Media Marketing and its Future: An Opinion

– Dr. S. Shyam Prasad Introduction Very recently, Rajdeep Sardesai, one of India’s well-known television journalists, disabled his Twitter account. He cited “concerted campaign of lies and abuse on a daily basis” being the reason for his action. This raises the question about the nature of the social media. Is it a good thing or […]

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A Sector that’s All in the Pink of Health

               A Sector that’s All in the Pink of Health KIRAN KUMAR K V Indian healthcare sector is on the go. With a series of IPOs and private equity over the past few years, innovative processes and entry of bigger players, Indian healthcare sector is currently the most adored investment destination by the investing community. […]

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PERFORMANCE OF RECENT INDIAN IPOs Sudindra V R 1.      INTRODUCTION: Initial public offerings (IPO’s) have generated gigantic amount of public interest in the last few decades. Three basic anomalies in Initial public offerings are short term underpricing of IPO’s, issue market and long run performance. It is observed that the issuers offer shares to investors […]

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Reconsidering Plastics……..

Reconsidering Plastics…….. By Prof. Anju Kumar ISME Introduction: There is a huge wave of urbanization, affecting the whole world. Urbanization as we know is linked to modernization, industrialization and rationalization. Urban development is a logical coherent system constituting social, economic, cultural and physical development of cities.  As a consequence of urbanization, global population has increased […]

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