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During my childhood I used to get frightened of staying away from my parents in a boarding school. Although I never realized that the discussions my parents usually had about me would be so unusual, they changed my life. Staying in hostel for 10 long years is not a big deal but staying away from parents makes it tough.
It was the hot summer of 2001 when the day finally arrived. I had to leave my beloved parents and had to shift to a boarding school in Bokaro Steel City. I even thought about what went wrong with me and my parents which made them send me on a journey to hostel life. I hated it.
As I entered the hostel gate with my parents, I had a few drops of tears rolling down my eyes. The tears made me feel as if I was going to lose the love of my parents in the future. But later after few minutes, a mother’s love for her child was clearly visible. I observed the same drops of tears rolling down my mother’s eyes. It was one of the worst days of my life.
The security guard whistled to let us know that the time was up. Holding the fear and sorrow inside my heart I moved into the hostel building. I was able to feel the silence in the hostel and it seemed like a black Island.
After entering the room I was bit shocked as I saw a five year old boy sitting on a bed on the right side of the room. That moment I felt that life is wasn’t as easy as it seemed to be. As time passed, I was able to adapt to the environment as I didn’t had any other options.
Sacrifices are made in life to achieve something. Spending ten years in hostel migrating from one city to another, I had a great experience of meeting people from diverse cultures. Every day life teaches us a lot of lessons and we must realize that the learning process goes on till the last breath.
By Kumar Prashant