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Life @ Isme

6 months back:

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself, any work ex… ?

Abhishek: I have done BBA. Yes, I used to play for a Rock Band.

It’s been six months for me here and what can I say is,’ I am a happy man, for I made the right choice.’

It was 3 years since I had made a macro decision in life, effecting people around me. Everything was fine until I got caught in this dilemma of dropping another year for CAT preparations or get into a college from the stock.

Well, ISME actually made it easy for me .Atleast; they had something different to offer. I was bored of reading the Xeroxed prospectuses of colleges with a different first page.

So, I reached this place, dumbfounded myself with the hills, forests and everything what my neurons failed to conceive before boarding to Mumbai .Reminding of Shimla, my Hometown.

Surprise is a common to the timetable here. For instance, 3 hours lecture, are you kidding me!!?? They don’t make Movies that long these days. But, the faculty somehow manages to keep us captivated. Just feel sad for them, they don’t get paid relatively well compared toothier counterparts from Bollywood.

I feel MBA deservers its hype/ you ask a layman to read an economic times, he might fib about being an illiterate to elude the torture. But, I m proud of myself that I just not only read E.T… Also understand the nuances of the pink runes.

MBA here is about wizardry presentations, awe aspiring guest lectures, intellectual academic competitions and not to forget the eternal assignments. Which would, I m sure, will bolster us to find a way in the corporate maze.

The Last 6 months have been fun, the time passed like a blink of an eye… But to tell you the truth, they made us work sleepless nights and now I feel we are ready to fly.

After 6 months:

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself, any work ex… ?

Abhishek: I have done MBA. I used to play and now manage bands.

Abhishek Sharma

Student – ISME, Navi Mumbai