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ISME celebrates its fifth convocation at Lalit Ashok

International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore and Navi Mumbai celebrated its fifth convocation ceremony for the 2011 batch on February 25th 2012 at the Lalit Ashok.

It was a grand event, as more than 200 students received their degrees, out of which 163 students were from the Bangalore campus and more 40 students from Navi Mumbai campus.

The ceremony started with an auspicious invocation, followed by the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. The chief guest for the function was Mr. Harish Bijoor, Brand Expert and CEO, Harish Bijoor Consultants.

He addressed the students, and said the new generation refers to the I-generation i.e. the impatient generation. He interacted with the students, and gave the young graduates a message to have the right attitude in the industry today. He made his point through the story of three chickens-Shy, Honest and Dishonest. His message was to be the intuitive chicken (between shy and honest) where you promise 80 and deliver 100.Another prominent message that Mr. Bijoor gave for the day, was the importance of digital presence in today’s world. He encouraged everybody to be tech-savvy, and to realise how much the world is changing because of the internet and technology today.

There were corporate awards given to Debamitra, Head HR of Simplilearn, Namita Tiwari, Managing HR of Unilever, Parul Ahlawat AVP and HR of E-Mart Solutions. Srinivas BV Gen. Mgr. Mkt. Of British Biologicals and Thomas George, DGM, HR of Lifestyle International.

The event witnessed a panel discussion by the eminent panellist on the topic “Corporate
Experiences: Managing Change” chaired by Dr. Ramesh G. Tagat, Academic Mentor – ISME. The other panellists were Mr. Chandran Natarajan, IT Expert; Mr. Vipul Arora of Soloron Sustainability
Services Pvt Ltd.; Vinod Nair Co-Founder and Director of Enzen Group; Shiva Kumar
Venkateshwaran, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Mafoi Management Consultants and
K.K.Cariappa, founder of The Beanpod’s JV company Opsbuds.

The panel discussion was about change, where Vipul Arora asked to create value to the shareholders. It is seen that every 13 years half of the Fortune 500 companies do not remain on the list which explains that as companies grow, they tend to lose the ability to create value. Mr Shivakumar talked in favour of Unnati meaning progress. Vinod Nair talked about the approach to change. He emphasised on leading change instead of Managing Change. Dinesh Gopalan took the subject of why change is important he said, change requires a process of destruction and rebuilding. Past success could be a detriment to transformational change. Adapting too well to the existing environment (like Penguins) can also prove to be reason for future failure when conditions change. Chandran Natrajan spoke about planning for change. “Every activity in an organization should have an expiry period” he said.Vinod Nair focused on communicating change. He stressed upon having a vision and being agile. He said have a buy in from all stakeholders by providing a logical reason to reduce resistance to change. Mr Shivakumar said change should be communicated at all level of the organization through formal and informal means. Finally change should be recognized from the perspective of it being a people issue: “Organizations don’t change, people do – or they don’t” he concluded.

Post lunch, the students were awarded with the degrees. The enthusiasm and spirit of the students was infectious, as they got their awards and certificates. There was a vote of thanks and Prof. Ramesh G Tagat declared the convocation closed. It was followed by the national anthem. The day ended perfectly for the exuberant graduates and proud parents.

By: Neeti Thakur

President, Literary Club