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Sudindra V R

Visualize somebody claims that after 3 years you will be getting free money of $ 47,869. Surprise to know in what way somebody be able to guarantee you to offer $ 47,869 equal to Rs. 34,52,551.63 (based on 1$ = 72.12 exchange rate as on 15th November 2018). Yes, it may be potential; this is an attempt to create a new Digital Currency and payment network known as “Q Currency”.  Initiative Q is proposed new currency system, created and initiated by Mr. Saar Wilf – Israeli Entrepreneur, who previously founded Fraud Sciences, a payment security company acquired by PayPal.  If idea succeed in disrupting payment system, the value of one Q will be equal to one US dollar.

Initiative Q primarily giving away considerable Q currency to quick adopters, who sign up by means of the invitation link. More individuals request their well-known contacts, the greater probability of reaching goal of $ 2 trillion initial release of Q’s , millions of registered members, persistent employment of payment system specialists, macroeconomist and internet technology whizzes. Existing Crypto currency are supply side oriented and failed in adoption due to; no purchaser cravings to join a network with no seller, and no seller offers a payment route that no purchaser uses. Q currency attempts to elucidate the gaps in adoption by distributing free to quick/early adopters.

The adoption of Q system assimilates numerous breakthrough include; low transaction cost, universal currency and one worldwide system, protected transactions through multi factor validation/AI/multi recognition,  Abridged payment, extraordinary customer protection, well-organized dispute resolutions, stringent credit apportionment, parental control and financial inclusion/helping the unbanked.
Why join Initiative Q?
  • Joining earlier by signup will help in overcoming the main barrier to disruptive payment system and contributing to create a global standard currency.
  • Free reward for early adopter, as early you join the reward will be higher.
  • More the signup, increase the chances of success in transformation of payment industry and eliminate the need to carry cash/cheque/debit/credit card and leads to lower cost/fraud/scams.
  • Safe and free to join, only by providing name and email address one can join. If it does not succeed, company will delete all the data collected.
  • Real people involved not bots; it also involved the email verification by the person invited and the invitee to avoid the false registration and account created by bots.
  • It is not MLM/pyramid/Ponzi network scheme who collects money from    new members and distributes to earlier members.

How to Join Initiative Q?
  • Joining Initiative Q is only through referral invitation; if your known contact is existing member still have open invite, request him/her to send invitation link.
  • Submit a post on social media asking your known contact whether they already registered.
  • Visit initiative Q page on social media and see any of your know contact likes/follow and get their assistance to join.

How referral works?
  • After joining through referral, the person who invited you needs to approve registration. After approval, you will become “Initiative Q Evangelist”.
  • At the second stage being Evangelist you can refer up to five people by signing into Q account and sending links to your known contacts using social media. You can send through Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter and your personal email.
  • Unlocking more invites after five people sign in and verification, the current task of referring additional people (number of reference depends on time of sign up).
  • Completing future task – future task still not enabled.

Benefits of referral to you?
  • For joining through referral Q 2,659
  • At the 2nd stage for each referral Q 2,127 and for  5 referral  Q 10,635
  • More invite stage for each referral Q 2,127 and for 10 referral Q 21,270
  • Future task Q 13,305.  Installation of payment application. In total Q 47,869.
  • Secondary bonus also available and members will be rewarded with more Q’s.

Note: during October month for sign up Q 4,815, 5 referral Q 3,852 were issued and the unlocking more invite was lesser compare to present 10 referrals.  The referral reward changes from time to time, which depends on time horizon.

Once the Q system successfully functional, gradually reserves will be released (expected time line for releasing Q’s late 2020 to mid-2021).  Company planning to integrate sellers into system within the time span of releasing Q’s, appointing Q agents and negotiating with various monitory authorities of different countries. Only after integration, members can use Q for spending, purchases; sales, rentals, investment etc. can use Q.

Initiative Q identified the major gap in adoption of disruptive payment systems by bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  It tries to integrate many breakthrough; low transaction cost, safety, security, protection, control, allocation, dispute resolution and financial inclusion of unbanked.  Upon invitation by existing members one can sign up to get members sign up reward, referral reward up to 5 references, additional referral reward and the future task rewards in Q currency is very attractive.  Although sign up only require your email and name at the first stage, in future Initiative Q may ask additional personal data that may risk your privacy, monetary or non-monetary damage.  The set target of releasing Q and its use by members is dependent on various integration and acceptance by regulators.  One who want to try the fortune and luck can sign up by creating new email address instead of using the primary email id to avoid the unnecessary troubles in future.