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Guest Lecturer @ Navi Mumbai Campus

It was a day for all aspiring entrepreneurs and for job seekers (both attending the lecture). This was the day when Mr. Uday Shetty( M.D of I-CODE) visited our institute. The concept on which i-code works is completely new for us. To start with, one can buy i-code I-card from post office and get registered with i-cod. Then our resume (qualifications get updated if we pursue more in future coming time). And i-code suggests us the deserved job for us. It is different from kind of sites because people who can’t access to computers regularly can just buy I-card from mere Rs. 300 and get enrolled.
Uday Shetty explained his journey both on personal and professional notes which was quite to learn from. This vision, mission was clear and later on passed to us.
Because being in such competitive market, even i-code faces challenges and so to give us a feel of survival in the market, the whole class was divided in two teams, one in support and one in oppose. It was quite an interesting and interactive session also opening doors for MBA graduates like us.