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Guest Lecture by Mr. Satish K V

ISME had organised two guest lectures on “Advertising Management” for its marketing students on the 2nd and 9th of January to facilitate hands-on learning of the subject. The guest speaker was Mr. Satish K V, Communication Head at Vikram Hospitals.
Mr. Satish introduced us to the advertising industry, its structure and various functions and roles involved in the effective communication of a product or concept.
He stressed on the change in style of ads over the years, how to create an ad that leaves long lasting impression in the customer’s mind, the importance of the message conveyed and the eight elements of marketing mix.

An open discussion on the ever debatable topic “Do marketers create need or serve the existing needs” was also held. Mr. Satish also threw light on the life style and work culture of ad firms and the career growth and opportunities they provide.
Through his real life experiences and eye-catching print and video advertisements, he was able to make the sessions interesting and informative.

Written by Garima Sharma