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Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) Activity

As a part of CSR activity, the SOCIAL CLUB members and some of the students visited “Karunashraya” .

Karunashraya is a palliative care hospice for terminally ill cancer patients- one of its kinds in Bangalore. It renders a helping hand to the patients who are beyond the medical care. The objective of the hospice is to reduce the sufferings of the terminally ill and provide a calm environment during their last journey.

The serene green surrounding located near Kundallahalli provides a soothing solace to its inmates. The dedicated staff is a great source of inspiration. The hospice also takes care of the patient’s kith and kin in terms of counseling and moral support. Patients reside either in private rooms or dormitories. Critical patients are provided with 24-hour attendants. Latest technology and equipment provide the required palliative care.

Ms. Archana from Karunashraya took the task of explaining how the organization works, the untiring effort of the medical team, staff and others associated with it, she also explained about the life skill training imparted to the personnel at Karunasharya. It was an inspiring tale of courage, conviction and commitment by the people associate with it.

Students of ISME contributed in cash and kind. They were indeed inspired and were in awe at such noble gesture at the hospice. Some of them felt that more and more such endeavors should be initiated in the society by the rich and the affluent. “Giving back to the society is very important” they exclaimed in unison.

By: Mansi Parikh