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Budget Presentation by ISME ‘Finance Ministry’

A Budget presentation was organised by ISME students on 11 march 2011, post the Annual Union Budget presented by our honourable Finance minister.
   The panel members were as follows-:
1.                       1.      Kuladeep Anumala (lead panellist Finance)
2.      Vivek Mani Tripathi (Finance)
3.      Nikhil Aggrawal(Finance)
4.      Shashank Mishra(Marketing)
5.      Vishal Nayyar(Marketing)
6.      Vamsi Krishna(Marketing)
7.      Sadikot Abbas(Finance)
8.      Puneet Gupta(Finance)
9.      Hardik Dhorda(Finance)
             10. Arun Thipparthi(Finance)
            11. Deepak Jain(Finance)
The main objective of the presentation was
to get into the finer details of what was delivered by our ‘Finmin’ 

Discussion focussed upon the following areas-:
  1 . Overview of the economy and economic survey. 
  2.  Fiscal deficit and Current A/C deficit fiscal policy.
  3.  Monetary policy instruments followed by the govt and the reserve bank prior to the budget.
  4.  Agriculture
  5.  Education 
  6.  Capital Markets & 
  7.  Disinvestment
  8.  Infrastructure
  9.  Defence
 10. Education
 11. Banking
The Discussion was chaired by The Director and other respected faculty members followed by students from all the streams.
It began with a brief overview of the economy & the economic survey by the lead panellist  Kuladeep Anumala. He covered the entire Indian economy in a nutshell in a very lucid and interesting way.
In between other panel members chipped in with their respective areas and elaborated on it in their own unique way.
To make it all the more lively Prof. Rajesh Madhvan(the co-ordinator) made it a sort of an prepared extempore wherein the panel members were to discuss the topics without the help of any  supporting documents(PPTs or excel) in an open sitting arrangement(as clear in the picture).
It was a great learning experience for all the Panel members and also for the audience, who became witness to what was called as “ a real great attempt and really worthy inputs” by the Director.
The entire discussion came to an end after a quick cross question round from the audience side.

Written by
Vivek Mani