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Kintsugi and the Human Spirit – Prof. Rajendra Desai

19 Jan, 2023. A recent news article saddened me to read of the suicide of a 52-year-old software engineer Vijay Kumar in Bangalore. He locked himself with a nitrogen cylinder in his Ford Ecosport and put a note on the windshield ‘Poisonous Gas Inside’ so no one else would get affected. He had a wife […]

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Life Audit: Self Discovery – Prof.Rajaram Sastry

11 Jan, 23. Who Am I? why self-discovery is so important This is not a question to answer by saying, “ I ’ m a businessman ” or “ I ’ m a industrialist. ” It ’ s a question that invites deeper responses, like here ’ s what I value, here ’ s what […]

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Finfluencers – Paragon or Nemesis – Prof. Sriram Prabhakar

11 Jan, 2023. Stock market is more in the news today than previously with a lot more people invested in it than ever before. Consequently, a new breed of entrepreneurs have entered calling themselves Finfluencers. The philosophy behind an IPO was to raise funds for expansions, thereby further growth. The investors were rewarded with dividends […]

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