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Ahaan 2015 – ISME Cultural Day

On 7th of November, 2015, Saturday, ISME Cultural Club Organized the Cultural Day “AHAAN 2015” on occasion of Diwali. “AHAAN” stands for ray of light so the title of the cultural day was ‘AHAAN 2015’ which was appropriate for Diwali, as Diwali is a festival of lights. There were many intra collegiate cultural competitions in AHAAN where students participated from both the batches PGDM 2016 as well as PGDM 2017. The competitions were all held in the ISME campus itself starting from morning 10:30am and followed till 5 O’clock in the afternoon same day, followed by DJ evening from 5:30pm onwards till 8pm. The Cultural events and competitions at AHAAN 2015 were as follows:
1. Musical Art Competition
2. Rangoli Competition
3. Best out of Waste Competition
4. Karaoke Competition
5. Acapella and Junk-yard Jam
6. Tableau
ISME witnessed lots of enthusiasm, energy and participation from its students for the above competitions. Students displayed their creativity and imagination and their talent in these competitions. The judges were from ISME administration and teaching staffs and faculty members. There were many close competitions in many of the events like Rangoli, Karaoke and Tableau and it was even a difficult task for the judges as all the Rangolis, Karaokes and the Tableau performances were very good.
Two Teams of four had participated for the Musical Art Competition where a Bollywood song was played and the teams had to listen and out of their own imagination and creativity draw a painting what they perceived from the song. Following which was Rangoli Competition where around eighteen teams of five-six members participated. The teams were given equal floor space and they had to make a Rangoli with flowers, colours and sparkles within a time limit of 120minutes. The entire floor was blooming with very creative, beautiful and colourful Rangolis. After this was the Best out of waste competition where twelve teams of two participated and they had to craft an Akashdeep or a hanging lantern with a candle or diya inside it totally made out of waste products or materials within an hour time. All the exhibits were so creative and innovative even the judges had a hard time to mark the top three. After these three competitions we had lunch break of about 45minutes and then the main attraction of the Cultural Day “AHAAN 2015” started. The Karaoke competition was held in the ISME BUZZ cafeteria area where the entire venue was decorated and surrounded with curtains and a stage was prepared with all the music systems and microphones and projector. We had four anchors from amongst the students of ISME. The participants sang beautifully to the tunes or background music of many evergreen songs both modern and old in a Karaoke format in front of the esteemed Judges and Guests and all the audience. Judges judged them on their singing. After that we had the Acapella and Junk Yard Jam competition where two teams participated and they created music out of junk or to be precise from either their body parts or using any other props other than musical instruments. Both the teams displayed utmost creativity and played music from water containers, spoons, plates, clapping and many other items of daily use. Then the last but not the lease the show stealer event Tableau where two teams of five to six had to perform a dance act or a drama with a moral message in it. One team performed a satirical drama projecting the growing importance and use of mobile phones as a part of life in modern society. The second team performed a moral act with dance displaying the physical and mental torture on women and the dowry pressure still persistent in the modern world. The audience seemed to be lost by seeing both the performances and appreciated and replied the teams with roars of applauds.
After all the competitions were over our Director Mr. Nitin Garg was invited to the stage to declare the results of all the six competitions of the Cultural Day. The crowd applauded as the winning team’s names were being announced. Lastly with the vote of thanks by our Cultural club President, the Competitions came to an end. Then again after some refreshments everyone got ready for the DJ evening. It went up till 8pm in the night and everyone was enjoying and dancing and were engrossed in it that no one realized the time. With this a whole day of fun filled events and competitions of ISME Cultural Day “AHAAN 2015” organized by the ISME Social and Cultural Club came to an end.