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A great learning experience at ISME.

E-week was held in ISME College at Bangalore from 13th to 19th February. It was a great exposure to learn about Entrepreneurship and to think about it. During the E-week, many entrepreneurs talked about their successes.

In ISME, E-week was started on 11th February. Our director Nitin Garg started E-week by showing video of Sunil Bharti Mittal’s success story. He also talked about, what are the things required to become Entrepreneur and what care should be taken, after becoming an entrepreneur. Four things are required, that are Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Customer Responses. He also talked about Need Entrepreneurship and Resource Based Entrepreneurship. At the end of the day, he quoted a sentence “THINK BIG”. This sentence, I liked the best and it is my favourite.

During E-week, we did so many activities like a real entrepreneur does. Activities like Business Plan, Panel discussion etc were there. In business plan, we did real business. It was a very good idea and I think that it will be of great help in the future too. In panel discussion, we discussed topics like Need of Green Entrepreneurs, Education role in Entrepreneur etc.

During E-week, we attended guest lectures about entrepreneurship and why entrepreneurship is required especially today. We attended guest lecturers of Sandipan Mitra; he talked about his success and also talked about what things are required to be a good entrepreneur. We also attended a guest lecture on social entrepreneur of Krupalatha Martin Dass. And we also got a chance to attend national seminar of E-week.

I think that this week was very useful to us (ISME students). It was a memorable event that happened on ISME campus. I think that this event was helpful to me even more, because I always think about Entrepreneurship and our director also makes us think about the same and also encourages the students to utilise ISME college resources for that.

By:- Vadodariya Nilesh Rameshbhai

(Student, ISME Bangalore)