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Read what our students have to say about “#StudentLife@ISME

Student Talks about Club Activities

#StudentLife@ISME is awesome, amazing and colourfully fun-filled. The physical and the cultural environment made us engross into a mood of learning with fun. What I enjoyed the most was the club I was part of. As soon as I joined, I could choose to join one of the clubs – Communications Club, Literary Club, Entrepreneurial Club and the CSR Club”. I worked as an executive member of the Entrepreneurship Club, as I was interested in learning skills of starting a business. Through the club, I was able to meet and discuss with so many entrepreneurs, organise events and not just that, I could even come out with my own business idea and deliberated it with my other club members. We would look for every Friday afternoons, as that’s the Fun Friday, with all clubs organising one or the other creative, yet a self-development oriented activities.”

Student Talks about Committee Activities

“For me, “#StudentLife@ISME was about the various social and cultural events we celebrated throughout the year at ISME. I was fortunate to be the General Secretary of the Cultural Committee, and through which I could organise, along with other student members and mentors, cultural events, like – Freshers Day, Teachers Day, Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas, Republic Day, Sports Days, Fun Week, Farewell Day, Management Fest, Youth Carnival and also various official programs. Not just being the organiser, even as a student, being part of these events, made me feel so lively and active, all through the year. I would just say, ISME has created so many unforgettable sweet memories for me through these cultural and social events.”

Student Talks about Academic Labs

“The academic activities at ISME go much beyond the mere classroom delivery of curriculum. I would say, various workshops, guest lectures and other activities organised by various Academic Labs – Analytics Lab, Marketing Lab, HR Lab, and Finance Lab, have made me realise, there is no limit for what one can learn, there is so much happening out there in the world, beyond the books, one just needs to have hunger to learn. These labs organised special half-day and one-day workshops, guest lectures by practitioners from the industry and being part of the Finance Lab, I had the opportunity to in fact, plan, organise and host a workshop on Advanced Excel. #StudentLife@ISME is about how these programs make you feel Life Confident.

Student Talks about Fitness Program

“Being a businessman is not just about having subject knowledge and being able to talk, it’s also about the physical ability to lead a task; it’s about the agility to be as lively as possible to inspire people around you; it’s about the stamina to go that extra mile in achieving excellence. I have literally transformed myself into a more physically fit and professionally looking managerial material in the two years of my stay, thanks to ISME. Fit program. From the very first week of our joining, we were made to participate in this program, where external experts come to help the students, build agility, stamina and fitness. For our batch, every working day between 4.45 pm. to 5.45 pm was about fitness training. What more can be funnier than to work-out in the campus with your friends? The focus of ISME to make us look more professional through various grooming sessions, and business etiquette training, along with the fitness drive, made me be more confident in my outlook, and let me tell you it makes me feel more confident when I present myself to the outer world.”